Why am I blogging?

Things are going to be real on this blog. I’m going to talk about my real kids with real stories — the joys, the challenges — and I’m going to talk about my life. I’m putting a lot of stuff out there, standing in the field of vulnerability. I’m linking this blog to my Facebook, and people will know this is me. Why do it? Why have the commitment to writing several times per week? Why share the intimate details of our lives?

Because this world sucks for my kids.

I wish I could write in a more poetic way, in a way that didn’t sound so crass, but it’s simply true. We live in a world that does not accept either of my children, much less celebrate them. We live in a world where people don’t ask about mental illness, where people become afraid of someone with mental illness, where people ignore mental illness. We live in a world where my daughter is seen as incompetent and incapable, not even worth thorough evaluations. We live in a world where the parents of children like mine feel lonely. They feel isolated and abandoned, by friends and family members alike.

This is not okay.

We have to talk about it. We have to talk about the reality of these children, these families, these lives — the beautiful reality, with the rough edges and cracks that come with every life. I write so that other children will have their beauty recognized. I write so other families will not feel so desperately alone. I write because there’s not enough out there to help us figure out what’s going on and what to do; we have to create the resources ourselves. I write because every family deserves to have those family moments. I write because every kid deserves to be seen. I write because the world needs to change.


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