Five for Friday: The Things She’s Said

My top five favorite AAC moments since Diva got her iPad this summer —

  1. “Feel feel bored” at her brother’s bowling party.
  2. “Feel bored hard want next” when stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.
  3. “Cookie yes mad mad mad cookie mad cookie” in response to me telling her that, no, she cannot have a third cookie — while the second cookie is still in her hand.
  4. Me: It’s time for bed! Her: No. Me: Bed! Her: No. Me: Yes. Her: Cookie. Me: No. Her: Show?
  5. “Go car”. The first time she said this, we made the mistake of assuming that she didn’t mean that. The next time we looked up, she was at the front door, banging on it, just in case we didn’t get the first message. Presume competence people, presume competence.

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