In a dream.

The other day, someone asked us what our dream day at school would look like for Diva. I’ve listed it below. It’s been heavy on my mind since, because it seems so far from what we have. It seems unreachable much of the time, and yet it also seems as if it shouldn’t be so difficult. It’s not a wild list. It’s not an expensive list. It’s not my real pie-in-the-sky Disney-World-vacation dream list even. It should be possible. Should. But isn’t. And that’s hard.

  • Starting and ending her day in the general education classroom.
  • 45 minutes of instruction in the general education environment for academics.
  • Lunch, recess, & the arts in the general education environment with her peers.
  • Field trips, class parties, and other events with her general education peers.
  • Access to grade level content across all subjects with accommodations/modifications.
  • Meaningful & relevant instruction that works with her auditory memory strengths.
  • The opportunity for shared and independent reading (with AT support) daily.
  • The opportunity for independent writing (with AT support) daily.
  • Ongoing modeling by all staff members of her communication device.
  • Team members who understand the difference between communication & test questions.
  • Encouragement of walking with or without her gait trainer throughout the day.
  • A team that loves to reflect, to learn, to adapt, to grow… & has high expectations.

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