Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Find a New Psychiatrist

Note: These are all real things that have happened to us, and not all with the same doctor.

  1. The psychiatrist invites you into the office for an appointment and does not even close the door, because the appointment will be that short and there will be that little discussion. Perhaps excusable in a private office, last patient of the day. Not so much when the waiting room is filled with families who can now be witness to your entire appointment.
  2. The psychiatrist tells you that if you cannot get your child to calm down, then you will have to leave the office. Wait, what?! Aren’t you supposed to be the medical professional helping make that happen?
  3. The psychiatrist says that perhaps you need to be firmer in your “no” and take a stronger stance, despite knowing that your child has a history of trauma and is diagnosed with mental illness.
  4. When you approach your psychiatrist for assistance, because you feel that your child is on the verge of hospitalization, the psychiatrist takes a “wait and see” approach. For two months in a row.
  5. You leave the office crying. And not because someone gave you tough news, which happens, but because you feel that unheard. Don’t let that happen. You know yourself best. You know your child best.

I’m hoping this is the worst of what has happened, but I’m pretty sure I might just be blocking other things out of my memory. What are some of the reasons that you’ve sought out a new therapist or psychiatrist?