The Family


  • passionate, driven, absurd, authentic (or trying)
  • occupation: early childhood special education teacher
  • loves: disney films, ocean waves, preschool-style play, non-fiction, venti green tea latte no classic
  • dx: OCD, anxiety


  • kind-hearted, giving, quiet / reserved, passionate, family man
  • occupation: Dad, full-time student in occupational therapy
  • loves: radiolab, this american life, tumblr, neil gaiman, colin meloy
  • dx: ADHD – inattentive type

Little Man

  • sweet, silly, spirited, perseverant, stuffed full of giggles, such a ham
  • loves: Rescue Bots, remote control cars, playing with dogs, water basketball & curious george
  • dx: post-traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorder, sensory integration disorder


  • spitfire, opinionated, joyous, capable, sassy (and she knows it)
  • loves: nicki minaj, wheels on the bus, go diego go, sand on her skin and the wind in her hair
  • dx: cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, microcephaly, autism, vision impairments, autonomic dysfunction (amongst other things)

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